Doing Fine

Well my brother appears to be doing fine. Well…he’s actually so whacked out on Vicadin he doesn’t care about anything. Since he decided to be a stubborn ass and excuse himself from the hospital on Friday night, he has to return for more tests and bandage changing today. It appears he has a blocked artery in his back that supplies blood to the legs that will need surgery.

I guess in the process of having the crap scared out of him he’s finally come to the conclusion that his lifestyle (fast food and cigarettes) is detrimental to living. Duh!

Me on the other hand, well, it appears all the stress, cold wet days, and my recent bout with this extremely potent flu have taken it’s tole. I’ll be heading to the doctor this afternoon to find out why I’m sick again and why I’ve been having trouble breathing at night. Can you say, Pneumonia? Right now I feel like I have a head cold but the fever is telling me it’s something worse. Of course, right before vacation next week

Here’s to feeling better.