Getting Lost

Where was I last night? That’s what I’d like to know.

My brother is in the VA hospital in Palo Alto awaiting surgery and having some tests run. Palo Alto isn’t THAT far away but last night, it was even farther. I need to thank the thank you’s first. Thanks to my sister who was able to give us directions over the cell phone. No thanks to Mapquest whose directions were so f#$%ed up that we go lost in the first place.

What really compounded the problem was last nights storm. On the way home averaging 55-60 mph was seriously scary. Three inches of standing water on the road, semi trucks doing 80mph, hard pouring rain that make you wipes all but useless, that’s the kind of night it was.

In the end I accomplished my primary objective, visit my brother and take him his laptop. Our seconday objective, driving my brothers car home from the other VA hospital, will have to wait until tonight when hopefully, it’s not raining as much.

3 Replies to “Getting Lost”

  1. that sucks man…was a bad night to be driving, i felt like our crappy apartment complex was going to blow away to Oz.

    best wishes for your brother…

  2. Hope things work out for your brother. Sounds like the holidays are more than a little challenging for your family, too; hope this doesn’t add too much stress and pain to an already stressful time of the year.

    I guess it’s true what they say: when it rains it pours.

  3. Thanks for your well wishes guys. If he could get over his stubborness I’m sure he’d be well in no time. Unfortunately he’s hell on wheels to doctors.

    Thanks again.

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