Battlestar Galactica

Totally geekiness in….5….4…3….2…1…

Anyone catch the premier of the Sci Fi Channels “Battelstar Galactica”?

I thought it was pretty cool. A lot more was explained in this version than the original but there were some interesting twists. Here’s my 5 second rundown of my thoughts on the show:

The Cylon chick was hot and just totally evil. Baltazar is a whining dweeb. Starbuck as a chIck? I forsee a lesbian encounter soon. Boomer as a chick too? Colonel Ty is an old drunkard with marital problems. Commander Adama lost a son and is estragned from Apollo (which is his call sign not his name?) Cylons are wickedly evil looking. Cylon ships cool looking. Cylon ships with the big red cylon eye, gay.

We’ll see how the second episode goes tonight. Check your local listings to see what time it’s on where you’re at.