Happy New Years

I always love doing this… see y’all next year! It’s a little sophomoric I know but it still makes me giggle. Anywho…just wanted to give a big shout out to all da homies and say thanks for everything (or nothing depending on what you contributed over the last year). Happy New Year!

Pulling the Wool Over Our Eyes

I noticed yesterday that the news said “…the Holstein cow infected with BSE (Mad Cow) was slaughtered and sent off to several meat packing plants…”. For those of you out of the cow loop, Holsteins are the black and white cows used to produce milk. Why was a milk cow being slaughtered for beef? Typically…

Let’s think about this one

Don’t you find it interesting how the government has banned the sale of the herbal supplement ephedera after 155 deaths but cigarettes are still legal after killing millions?

Things are HORRIBLY Wrong!

So I spent the week before Christmas on doctor ordered bedrest. The week of Christmas I was still sick but since I was on vacation that week I was able to stay home most of the time with only minimal trips out to make fevered shopping forays. Saturday and Sunday was a nostalgic “Rollercoaster Tycoon”…

Cold Relief

One of the things I found I like in my recent sickness, Robitussin Herbal Cough Drops with Honey Center. Mmmmm, good. People at work seem to like them ok too. Dane. If you get me sick again you bastage I’m gonna hunt you down and make you watch a weeks worth of daytime tv like…

The Rules of Coffee

Am I breaking some kind of rule by drinking Seattle’s Best out of my Starbucks mug? Henry’s Blend is very good. Thanks Gina!

Metaphors are where you find them.

There was a dead ant in the sugar container this morning. Is this some strange metaphor for human kinds search for heaven? We spend all our lives searching for heaven. When you finally get there you’re dead.

Warmest Holiday Wishes

Merry Christmas to all our friends and families. I hope everyone has a great Christmas and that Santa brought you everything you asked for. Seasons greetings, Loyd, Tania and Zac