The Story So Far

The Story So Far is the second in my series from Arizona Dead Arm. It’s a great song with a punchy hook. Don’t listen to it in your car though, it has a tendency to make people have a “lead foot” while driving.

Too Much of a Good Thing

Saw this over at Diet Blog Sugar Consumption on Rise Worldwide Reuters: “Our diet keeps getting sweeter, due in large part to the popularity of sugary soft drinks and other sweetened beverages, according to a new study. North Carolina researchers report that the average daily consumption of sugar and other calorie-containing sweeteners worldwide jumped 74…

Thanks Be

I’ve been kinda avoiding fixing the template so it renders in Mozilla and Safari properly but I finally decided to spend an hour or so and make it right. Thanks Joe and Al for pointing out the errors. I think I’ve got the kinks worked out. There is one little bug that I know about…

Security Alert

Watch out. It’s virus season and Mimail is circulating again. Virus tries to con PayPal users Security experts are warning e-mail users about a virus which tries to fool people into giving away bank details. Mimail.J targets customers of web payment system PayPal, and is the latest “phishing” scam, which tries to dupe users of…

The Magic is Gone

Thanks to the guys I work I got to see the Sharks and Rangers face off last night in San Jose. Looking around the arena I noticed there were a lot of empty seats. The last time I’d been to the Shark Tank had been prior to September 11th and the fall of dotcommunism. At…

Arizona Dead Arm

I’ve got a friend over in New York making his way in the music scene with some pretty kick-ass tunage that I thought I’d like to pass along to the loyalist of The Daily Thing. I’m going to post several of their songs over the next few weeks so give a listen and see if…

Coffee Thursdays

BTW. Yesterday was official “Write about coffee day.” Links from all over the web on coffee. If you got a good coffee link put it in the comments. Don sent me this one. Courtney posted this one.

Going Away

Every so often Zempt gives me an error “MySQL server has gone away.” It didn’t even tell me it was leaving! Jeez! How RUDE!

The Watcher

I know he’s there. I can’t see him but all the signs are there. Lurking…watching…waiting…biding his time when he’ll make his move. I know he’s there…hiding in the background…waiting….waiting…. *eep eep eep eep (psycho shower scene sounds where Vivian Leigh gets knifed)*

Welcome Home (A reprieve)

My brother is home (in the US not here) from Iraq just long enough to get married and head back. That’s atleast a few weeks I won’t be wondering if someone put an RPG into the vehicle he was driving or mortared him in his bed at night.