Hey Paul. Thanks for the email.

MSVDM (Microsoft Virtual Desktop Manager) does work great and if the rest of you out there haven’t tried it, you might give it a shot. It allows you to run 4 open Desktops with different things running in each, highly nice if you don’t want the boss to see you blogging. 😉

Unfortunately, it’s a Windows XP thing (atleast I haven’t found it for Win2k yet). Follow the link and give it a try. It’s very awesome.

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  1. MSVDM:

    Unfortunately, MSVDM is like many other MS products – a fantastic idea which was not well thought out.

    First, MS decided to uses your TEMP folder to store MSVDM desktop images. What happens when you decide it’s time to use the MS “Disk Cleanup” utility? Oops! No more MSVDM desktop images! They’re deleted.

    Second, let’s try to get the same images back. Simple enuf. But wait, it takes multiple tries to get your selection to actually get saved my MSVDM.

    Third, everything is set up. After a few days, look at the MSVDM preview. What? The 3 desktops all gray. Click on 1 and it switches to your selected desktop image.

    Like I said – Good idea. Typical MS lack of planning and integration. I’ve often wondered how MS can say that other software “isn’t compatible” with MS when MS stuff isn’t even compatible with other MS stuff.

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