Trying iTunes

I’m giving the whole “iTunes” for PC thing a shot. We’ll see how it comes out. Right now I’m downloading the only album I’ve thought about buying in months. Nice part is it’s only $9.99 instead of the $18.99 at the local music shop and $15.99 at Target. My question is, who loses? If RIAA and the record labels claim that the prices have to be that high to cover their costs and they’re barely making money, why is it Apple can sell complete albums at 1/2 the price. Don’t tell me it cost that much to create a cd. I’ll do it for around a dollar in a few minutes. *wink wink nudge nudge nod suggestively*

More: Ok. After having iTunes seem to go into limbo, not an uncommon occurence on my laptop I assure you, I logged into the Apple site and checked to see if I was going to be screwed and out $10 for an album that never downloaded. Nope.

Apple has incorporated a check system that automatically completes interrupted downloads the next time iTunes starts. If you want to wait to download the music, say you’re at Starbucks and don’t wanna use all your Tmobile bandwith, then simply cancel and wait until you get home. Not too shabby.

So I closed iTunes and reopened it. Sure enough it logged into the system and finished my download.

iTunes also gives you the option of downloading in AIFF, AAC (default), or MP3. If you download in AAC you can convert to MP3 through the click of a button on the user interface.

For kids they also allow parents to set an allowance that limits how much money the kids can spend on music. Awesome! I think parents could use it as a great rewards system for good grades.