3 Replies to “Let’s test that puppy”

  1. Nope. I don’t see any RDF trackback info in the source of the document. Looks like it’s still missing in the individual entry template… ;~(

  2. If I use the bookmarklet from your main page, the trackback URL does show up as one of the choices on the list, but then I still have to copy and paste the shortcut to the individual entry, since the bookmarklet is picking up the main page’s URL, instead of the post’s. If I use the bookmarklet from the individual entry page, it picks up the page’s URL accurately but does not pick up the trackback URL. I just tried on one of my individual entries and it does pick up the trackback URL because “<$MTEntryTrackbackData$>” is in the head of the Individual Entry Archive template. Hope that helps.

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