Open Letter to the Community

I think maybe it’s time we, as bloggers, united to put a stop to something that is plaqueing our community. To which nefarious evil am I referring? Comments Spammers.

I’ve got them and I’m sure you’ve got them. You know, the little comments posted on previous entries. Mostly they seem to be irrelevant comments with a link to a spammers site. Some are just blatant spam. Some are even “pay per click” URI’s. Either or, it’s a problem and it’s hurting all of us as a community.

I’m open to suggestions on some legal recourse we could take.

I’m actively banning IP’s of spammers I catch but maybe we could put together a community ban list so that we can work together to build a safer community.

Please, spread the word. Pass my comments on to your readers. The more bloggers we have united the stronger we are. I’d like to organize some kind of forum as a community to address these problems.