On the tube

So I watched a little television this weekend. Well, it wasn’t little, 27″. I mean, it’s not the biggest on the market but…I’m getting off track.

You know reality TV is getting scary when, the Wildman of Rock, Ted Nugent starts taking in house guests as part of a reality tv show. Don’t think it could happen? VH1 was daring enough to do it. They even sent a vegan, animal rights activist along as a guest.

I also watched Trading Spaces $100 Grand, where the designers are given $50,000 each instead of the normal $1,000. It’s just one of those you gotta see things.

And once and for all Mythbusters but to rest the idea that cellphone can cause a fire at a gas station. Turns out they can not, but a static spark from getting in and out of the car to retrieve your phone can. See, tv can be educational.