I’m a little bit ticked at the local Ritz Camera. It seems the two pre-pubescent lunkheads (for lack of a better discriptive term) who work there have misplaced a roll of my Tri X Pan black and white. Traditionally I haven’t really cared what happened to the film, this roll was different. This roll I had actually labeled, I knew what was on it, and I wanted it.

Previously I’ve had pretty good experiences with Ritz. I’ve purchased one camera, my wife’s Minolta, there, several lenses, lots of film, my slide scanner, and I’ve never had a problem with film developing. But I think this will be the straw that broke the camel back and will cause me to end my affiliation with Ritz.

So, suffering a lack of space to build a dark room and begin my own developing, I’m left with few options. The most tantalizing is to have my film developed by a small, independent firm that does one day black and white and color positive developing on premises for the same price as Ritz. They are conveniently closer to home too.