Kick save and a beauty!

“Hi. I’m Windows XP. I notice you’ve attached a DV device. What would you like to do with the video?”

What an operating system. Smart. Intuitive. Easy. So much NOT the pain in the ass that was Windows 98 and ME. Still much nicer than Windows 2000.

I think it’d be cool if you could get different “persona” for XP. Then when it gives you an error message or asks you something it would ask in the persona of your choice.

For Instance:
Mr. T (unknown file type): “I pity the fool who tries to open an unknown file type.”
Mr. Scott of Star Trek (full hard disk): “I’m givin’ ‘er all she got captain but she’ don’ go’ any more.”
President Clinton (unplugged device): “I did not have relations with your digital camera.”
Dirty Harry (couldn’t establish connection): “Go ahead punk! Make my day!”

You get the idea. What ones do you think would make good persona for Windows?

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