A Post About Nothing

I haven’t been blogging in the morning much because I’ve been so run down recently it takes me two cups of coffee to wake up in the morning. Unfortunately, I’m not able to drink two cups of coffee in time before I have to head off to work. Just because I’m not blogging anything myself doesn’t mean I’m not reading what other people are doing. In fact, the whole reason I get up 3 hours before work each morning is so I have time to visit everyone of my top reads sites or atleast skim them in the aggregator. That means I travel to over 30 sites each morning. Impressive.

Anyone know of some good blogging software for Palm OS 4? It seems ever since I disconnected my Iomega Zip drive my Sony Clie N710C has decided to HotSync. And HotSync it does, every time I click the button. I wonder if I can still find accessories for it. Hmmm….digital camera would be cool but the battery life isn’t what it used to be.