Slamma’ Ramma’!

Ahhhh….nothing like calling and getting medeviel on someone’s heine first thing in the morning to get your blood going. This mornings peevist: Real Networks.

It seems their current philosophy is, “If it’s too difficult to cancel, people won’t bother”. Not only have they made it difficult to cancel your subscription (requires using your telephone skills then wending your way through the various ambiguous phone menu options before getting some underpaid high school graduate) but they don’t even cancel it when requested! Then, just to make sure you really hate them, they take 5 more minutes of your time to try to sell you the service again AFTER you just canceled said service.

Honestly, I’ll be surprised if I DON’T have to call again in a few day because they haven’t credited my account for the money they illegally withdrew. What a customer service model.