Where the buck stops…

You ever wonder why Congress can “pledge to make major reforms” in different departments of the government but they can’t reform themselves? I mean, c’mon, if I could own Microsoft or be a Congressman I’d be a Congressman. Have you ever watched CSPAN?

Owning Microsoft you’d eventually HAVE to do work. Most of the time our congressional Delegates don’t even show up to vote or listen to the debate on the floor. They have more vacation days and take more junkets, and holidays than any other person in the world. Wouldn’t you love a job where you had the ability to give yourself a raise?I think we should take everyone in the US’s annual income and average it and that is how much a congressman should get paid.

I suppose if you cut their salary though no politician would want the job and you’d get honest people in there. Then where would we be?

I’m not bitter. I just don’t think Congress should be throwing stones. NASA just happened to be where the buck stopped. I mean, think about it. WHO tells NASA how much they can spend? WHO tells NASA which policies they have to enact? Which contractors they have to hire?