Customer Satisfaction

So the place the insurance has contracted with shipped me a stereo (better than my old one and it’s still a base model), speakers (coupla Kickers), and boxes to replace the ones that got ripped off. Nice thing is it was here Friday when I only talked to the guy on Wednesday. That’s the fastest I’ve ever seen anything come UPS. It took longer than that for my slide scanner to pass through the Richmond hub.

This weekend, while looking at how to securely install this new stereo, I realized that the boxes they sent were just too big for the back of my Jeep and the speaker holes were cut for 12″ speakers. So yesterday I called and left a message and then followed up with another call when I got home. As soon as my rep came in (they’re open long hours during the week) he called me and said “Hey, no problem. I’ll send you out a new set with a return ticket attached right away.” Damn that’s nice.

I wanna find out who is teaching these people how to run such a great company and have them teach everyone. These guys are great!