The Terminator for Govenor…

There’s a lot of media focus on California again and with good reason, we’ve got a star running for public office again. It’s really interesting how most of the retoric is coming from people who don’t live in the state and don’t see or live the day to day problems we’re being forced to endure. The truth is, in the political ring of California, Arnold isn’t the worst candidate for the job.We have a lot, and I mean all, of the other politicians running to give that dubious title too.

Before Arnold most people felt stuck into voting for someone who is just as bad as what we have now, or not voting at all. Now they are being given a chance to stand up and say, “Look. We don’t have to vote for you” and in a big way. Sure, they could vote one of the other candidates not of the two major political parties but truth is, most people will never vote outside of those two parties.

So step out Davis the Terminator is on his way in! Oh yeah Davis, empty your pockets at the door. We want our money back you crook.