Old computers never die, you just put Linux on them.

So I’m ripping apart this old PC that’s been sitting on my floor for weeks. My wife’s been giving me the honey do’s don’tcha know. So I clean the spiderwebs and dust off this thing and all the sudden I start getting excited. 2 serial ports, game controller port with AGP video, 2 USB ports and of all things, A Scuzzy controller! It’s a PII and it’s got SCSI. Nice.

I popped the case and the inside of this thing is nicely immaculate considering it was being kept outside before I came by it. A little love, some compressed air and a duster to get rid of the cobwebs and the thing is purring away quietly. There’s 3 – 32mb ram sticks in the thing (128mb!). Nice.

I start loading w2k into the thing. Blank hard drive. Fdisk it. Partition. Reboot. OS not found. Floppy still in the drive. Reboot. OS not found. Ok, so it needs a hard drive. Easy enough to come by.

I think I’ve found my new Linux machine. Now if I can only find who has my Red Hat Linux cd.

Oh yeah! About Red Hat Linux. Here’s how they get their money, downloading the ISO’s from the public server is slower than hell. At my broadband connection (~130kbps usually) it would take 11 hours to download one ISO! One ISO! They’ve got it locked down (~5kbps) on their end and open it up for the payers. Last time I downloaded the ISO’s (RH 8) the ISO’s were corrupt and I didn’t feel like waiting another 30 hours to download them again. If someone knows someone with Bit Torrent and the ISO’s that work, let me know.