I read Robert’s entry …

Gut Wrenching
First glance at the paper on the newsstand and I thought I’d have an opportunity to poke a little fun at Curt for moonlighting in Minnesota, but then I read the article and was saddened and sickened and everything.

Police said Ener finished feeding Raya in a family room about 9 a.m. She carried Raya to the bathroom, pausing in the kitchen to grab a large knife. She lay the child face-up on the floor, leaned over the girl and pressed the blade of the knife twice across her throat.

Seconds later, Ener appeared empty-handed before her own mother in their St. Paul home, police said.

“I think I killed the baby,” she said, according to police.

I wonder if these stories hit me harder because I have kids of my own, or if I’d be just as horrified anyway. Clearly there’s something not right upstairs, a short circuit, maybe, or post-partum depression, but still. A six-month old child. Man. [Robert]

and I was shocked. I had to stop reading 1/2 way through. I think you’re right Robert, once you become a father, the whole game changes. Before I was a father I probably would have just skimmed over the article and chocked it up as another sicko in the world. But now, I’m absolutely horrified.