Dave Winers Referrer Log

OMFG!!!! I just read Dave Winers Referrer Log and it’s funny as hell!

It seems the only people pinging Dave are himself….and porn sites. Quite a few incest and beastiality sites. I guess someone doesn’t like Dave. Click the picture to see the evidence.

2 Replies to “Dave Winers Referrer Log

  1. at first, i laughed my brains off…
    then the curiosity took over and i found this link in Dave Winer’s blog:
    as you see there are many bots on the web lurking for relevant information and words chosen without proper care caused the porn-bots locate Dave Winer’s post and put a link to it into some porn-directory

    here you go blog-guru get endorsed by porn-industry…

    (that what i think caused the funny referrers)

    anyways the screen shot you’ve got is a great collection item… keep it for a while…
    … i’m still laughing ;D

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