SBC sends warning to subscribers…

Got this email tonight…

Dear SBC Yahoo! Member,

You may have recently received an email or emails that appear to come from “,” “,” “,” “,” or similar address. This email is forged and contains a virus inside a file usually named “” or contains a subject line that includes the words “your account.” To protect your computer, please delete the email immediately and do not open the attachment.

The forged email states that your email address is expiring. This is not correct. SBC Yahoo! would not send you an email to inform you of an expired email address.

The originators of email viruses use varying tactics. As a general rule, you should not open attachments in emails from individuals that you do not know.

Please do not respond to this message. For additional information, see


SBC Yahoo! Member Services

This was an actual SBC email. Be on the lookout if you’ve got a Yahoo! account (where this came to) or an SBC affiliated account.