Draw your own conclusions….

On Tuesday morning Joe said:


I did some testing of the Blog Change Bot (via Popdex). It works and I think it’s a great idea. [Jenett.Radio]

Late Tuesday night Chris Pirillo said:

IM Getting Inc’ed

Since the untimely death of BlogToaster, I’ve been without an “updated site” IM buddy. Enter Blog Change Bot.

Y’all notice anything wrong here? Two posts about the same subject. One a day after the other. The first post, a reference to where the post originated “via Popdex”, the second, nothing. Draw your own conclusions.

ON THE SUBJECT (finally) Why get a program that’ll send you 10,000 spammy aims when you can get Trillian Pro with it’s RSS aggregator. That’s right, RSS Aggregator. But wait! It does more. Check your popmail accounts, get AIM, ICQ, IRC, MSN, and Yahoo all in one customizable interface. No more having 5 services open at once. AND (!) It’s got a cool name based on a Douglas Adams character. Check out Trillian Pro today!

PS. I do not get paid by Trillian or anyone affiliated with Cerulean Studios. I just think it’s a great product.

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