No More Fun…

Ever since Bush took a tumble off the Segway it seems as if America has moved into a “no more fun” mode. Almost like the old mayor guy or whatever he is in the old Santa Claus claymation that is shown every Christmas. C’mon, you know the one I’m talking about. Anyway, swimming pools are one of the newest casualties of our changing America.

The End Of The Deep End

The swimming pool as you know it is no more, and the childhood rite of passage will never be the same: “This is a significant tragedy. This is yet another shift in our increasingly panicky and trepidatious culture toward further sanitizing the world, stripping it of all edge and menace and wonder and vital rites of passage and what’s next, the end of lawn darts? The demise of the wicked-cool playground, full of looming monkey bars and dramatic swing sets and huge metal slides? The end of the manual-clutch transmission, fer chrissakes? Whoops, too late.” [Dane Carlson]