What can RSS do for me?…

Over there reading Tim Bray talking about RSS I had a realization. RSS has totally revamped the world of the portal. What if you had a portal site showing the URI of the site and then a clip-it from an RSS feed so you could get some idea of content. The clip-it would be semi-up-to-the-minute so people would be able to view a site real time. Personalized home pages would be more than just links but links with real time clips from their favorite website. Imagine entering the URI of the site AND the RSS feed. Hmmm….. (more thinking)

Joe Jenett this message is directed at you specifically.
Imagine not only showing a thumbnail of somone’s site in your Random Ageless Project but providing a snip-it of their RSS feed too.

Imagine surfing to your personalize home page (with secure login of course!) to see not only your news, but your favorite sites (Lileks!), comic strips, bank quotes directly from your account, credit card information including when your next payment is due, stock ticker (a good idea Tim!) and whatever else you may want. You could decide!

RSS has the potential to bring the world home to our desktop. Start your computer, click the “Home” button and there everything is. Up to the minute! Better than CNN! Beauty part is it would take a fraction of the time it normally takes to surf the web to pull all your favorite RSS feeds in. Hell, there could be a service which pulls all your feeds for you for a nominal price and makes them into a single feed you pull every morning.

RSS has the potential to change everything we know about the web.