How to make your weblog speak in MT…

How to make your weblog posts speak in Movable Type

Loyd pointed to this cool AT&T Labs Text to Speech converter. If you want to make your weblog posts speak, add the code below to your Movable Type individual entry template (or the main index template inside of the container).

You can change the value of voice to any of the following to affect the sound and pronunciation of the speaker: crystal, mike, rich, rosa, klara, reiner, alain, juliette, charles, or audrey.

<FORM METHOD="post" NAME="demoForm"
<input type="hidden" name="txt" value="<$MTEntryBody remove_html="1"$>">
<input type="hidden" name="voice" VALUE="mike">
<input type="hidden" name="rate" VALUE="8000">
<INPUT TYPE="submit" NAME="speakButton" VALUE="Speak">

[Dane Carlson]