Thanks to my shareholders…

It’s always surprising when you look at your Blogshares and see how much it’s going for now. When I first advertised about a month back that Daily Thing was listed it was going for 28? a share. Now it’s up to $36.30. I hope you got in on it at the opening price.

Here’s a quick run dowt of the current share holders. Be sure to take a trip by their sites as they’re all pretty cool.

Melissa’s site has tons and tons of great stuff. I mean that. Ooodles and ooodles of stuff to see. Definitely a multiple day excursion.

Check out the photo section when you head over to Jennifer’s site. I love the layout and theme of her site. Add this one to your aggregator (or favorites/bookmarks) and visit it frequently.

For some reason Kristine’s site didn’t appear to be working when I tried to go there, but I had been there several times before. Hmmm…just the mystery means I’ll have to make several return trips.

Joe’s sites are always worth visiting. Coolstop 2003 lists some of the most interesting sites on the web. Try not to spend all day there, your boss will be a little upset.

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