Testing the blogging plugin for Windows Media Player 9…

Ok. Here’s a quick listing of what’s going through my Windows Media Player right now. The data is output in a raw sort of form from the title/artist/album/time fields of the database so whatever your title is that’s what you’re going to see on the screen. One thing I’ve also noticed is that if you don’t have an album title it will put the most previous album title there instead so the data requires a little editing.

Send the Pain Below Chevelle 04:12

[Listening to: Send the Pain Below – Chevelle – Wonder What’s Next (04:12)]

Somewhere I Belong Linkin Park 03:34

[Listening to: Linkin Park-Somewhere I Belong – Meteora (03:34)]

Fine Again Seether 04:04

[Listening to: Seether – Fine Again – Disclaimer(04:04)]

The Anthem Good Charlotte 02:54

[Listening to: The Anthem – Good Charlotte – The Young and the Hopeless (02:54)]

The Game of Love Michelle Branch – feat Santana 04:16

[Listening to: Michelle Branch – feat Santana The Game of Love (04:16)]

My Friend’s Over You New Found Glory 03:39

[Listening to: My Friend’s Over You – New Found Glory – My Friend’s Over You (03:39)]

Warning Sign Coldplay 05:28

[Listening to: Warning Sign – Coldplay – A Rush Of Blood To The Head (05:28)]

Come Away With Me Norah Jones 03:06

[Listening to: Norah Jones – Come Away With Me (03:06)]

I think it works pretty good, this is probably the only time I’ll use it though.

IN ADDENDUM: I did install the WinAmp 3 plugin for w.bloggar and it works exactly the same. Nice! We’ll wait and see how much use it gets though.