The Rules of Fortune Cookies…

I love chinese food. I especially look forward to the after dinner treat of the fortune cookie. But did you know there is a rule that states you must end all your fortune cookies with the term “…in bed.”? Here are some examples from fortune cookies I’ve got before…

  • Hapiness and prosperity will find you…in bed
  • Fortune will smile on you…in bed
  • You will find everlasting hapiness…in bed
  • Help I’m being held prisoner in a fortune cookie factory…in bed
  • You will be blessed with many children…in bed
  • George W. Bush is a dork…in bed
  • Love will be yours…in bed

You get the idea. Go to town…in bed.

BTW…have you ever noticed the strange correlation of the placement of chinese food restaurants in relation to Veterinary clinics and animal hospitals? Don’t believe me? Take a look next time you’re out. I think you’ll be surprised.

2 Replies to “The Rules of Fortune Cookies…

  1. i have had many funny fortune cookies when adding “in bed” such as
    your fantasies will be fulfilled (in bed)
    you will have a very pleasureful experience (in bed)
    all your dreams will cometrue (in bed)
    also i just went to a chinese restaraunt 1 hour ago and another yesterday (both were right by veterenary clinics/ animal hospitals) i never realized that before

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