It’s what’s inside that counts…

I know you’ve all been waiting to find out why I dropped Radio Userland and went to Movable Type to run my weblog.

I think the best way to explain it is with an analogy.

Say you buy a car. You like the car when you first get it because it’s new. As a little time goes by and you drive the car you realize it doesn’t quite fit your needs the way it used to. Say you had a family or something and you need a bigger car with more features. You also realize that the bigger car would have a smaller payment than your current car. So off you go to the car lot to pick out your new car.

MovableType is a new car. It’s growing and getting bigger. Ben (I’ve dealt with him personally on several occasions) is a great guy and tries very hard to putforth a good product. The whole Six Apart gang is friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful.

These are things I would love to say about my former CMS systems staff but, alas, I can’t. The best help I got was from my friends (they know who they are). Thanks guys.

When renewel time came around and I received an email hitting me up for $40 for another year I realized I’d outgrown the car and my needs had changed. I needed something that didn’t run on my desktop, that was backed up regularly, that I could easily edit from the road, that didn’t have problems if I had a firewall, that was more economical, that was more of an opensource program and was being extended by members of the community as well as the builders themselves. It was time to go to the car lot.

Someone asked me today, “Did you do something different to your weblog? It looks like you changed the font maybe. I can’t tell.” Therein lies the moral to this story. It shouldn’t, and doesn’t, matter what I use to write my weblog with, it’s what’s inside that counts.