Promoting proper email ettiquete…

Employers Try New Rules To Promote E-Mail Etiquette.
As e-mail overload buries computer users world-wide, much of the blame is falling on the cc line, which allows e-mailers to share correspondence with countless colleagues, friends or strangers. For e-mail writers who play office politics, deciding which recipients belong on which lines — “to,” “cc,” or “bcc” (blind carbon copy) — has become a daily struggle. Many resort to unnecessary cc-ing and sneaky bcc-ing, inadvertently spilling proprietary information, or inappropriately copying an underling or boss.  [Computerworld News]

Discretion and commensense are the name of the game. I see dozens of emails daily, both personal and business, that really have no reason to be cc’d to the person they’re going to. Email has become just another casualty in the war to CYA (cover your ass).