A new hat arrives Monday….

Red Hat upgrades Linux desktop OS. Red Hat Linux 9, which will be available for download as of Monday by members of the Red Hat Network (http://rhn.redhat.com) and in retail stores a week later, features new threading technology called NPTL (Native Posix Thread Library) that its predecessor Red Hat Linux 8 lacks, said Matt Wilson,…

Building the perfect beast (Don Henly album reference)….

I want to trade my Gameboy Advance for a GP32.. It comes out the box with an English manual, a PC link cable, the GP32 uses PC smartMedia as its Hard disk and has 8meg of internal ram + its (upgradeable) OS, a USB port, a large hires screen (which is SO much better than…

From the front line….

Possibly the most enlightening 12 minutes you’ll spend this day. Michael Moore’s after Oscar interview with the press. A must see.

Just when you thought it was safe to open the browser….

Microsoft breaks with standards effort. The software giant steps down from the W3C choreography working group, reflecting a growing discord between IBM, Microsoft and other companies over standards for Web services. [CNET News.com] Crap! Here we go. Now there’ll be 50 flavors of XML: XML, IBM-XML, XML-scape, X++,x#.