Game over. Go home….

There is a report on AP that American troops are taking the weapons from the captured Iraqi soldiers and sending the soldiers home. I’m looking for this story online so I can link back to it. If you find it, send me an email.

A life of peril….

Iraq kicks out CNN reportersCNN said Friday that its reporters have been expelled from Baghdad by the Iraqi government. The news network had two reporters, Nic Robertson and Rym Brahimi, who had remained in the Iraqi capital after most other American news networks had sent their correspondents out for safety reasons. [MSNBC]

Supporting our troops….

Chris Pirillo offers this suggestion on how we can do OUR part. Operation Retarded Title. The troops are doing their job, but what about the rest of us? I say it’s time to launch Operation [Insert Retarded Title Here]. Our mission? To do our best to keep the peace at home – no matter where…

The fight for freedom….

It seems one of the voices documenting the war from freedom in Iraq has been silenced. CNN has told Kevin Sites to put his reporting on his weblog on hold. Pausing the warblog, for now.. Dear readers:I’ve been asked to suspend my war blogging for awhile. But I don’t want let you down — I’m…

Fly fishing….

Fishing Gear. After the long snowy winter, fly fishing season has finally arrived, and there’s plenty of gear to choose from. By Michael Oneal. [New York Times: Sports] See? I ain’t the only one. LOL

War from the Web….

Web Deluged After Iraq Attack. Net traffic surges as Web users seek the latest news on the U.S. attacks on Iraq, while others rush to post their reactions on discussion boards. [Wired News] Post their reaction? Hell, it’s that “quad feed” from ABC News Live! That thing was backlogged for hours. I’m imagining a Real…

The war in this world and the other….

War Worms Inch Across Internet. Computer virus writers and petty hackers are hard at work circulating e-mail worms and defacing websites to make statements for and against the war in Iraq. The offending attachments lure recipients by claiming to contain news of the conflict. By Michelle Delio. [Wired News]


Is SSL safe?. Two-thirds of servers vulnerable to new crypto attack, apparently [The Register] Great! This after we just bought our cert at work!

It’s too late now….

Protesters Across the Nation Try to ‘Stop Business as Usual’. Thousands of protesters converged on plazas, bridges and federal buildings to proclaim their opposition to war. By Kate Zernike and Dean E. Murphy. [New York Times: NYT HomePage] Why is it thousands want to protest the war yet thousands can’t make up there mind to vote…

How you doin’?….

Some big italian guy just walked by and gave me a loud Joey “How you doin’?” I turned around to see if there were any boobies behind me, but no. [Generic | Synthetic] So you think he was hitting on you Rob?