A Little Fatherly Love

I’ve used Flickr for a long time and I like it a lot. It’s where I’ve shared photos, cultivated friendships and built communities around things I’m interested in. I’ve always felt that by sharing my photos openly and allowing others to use my works it helps foster and grow the community of sharing. This is…

The Decay of a Once Great City

Detroit was once synonymous with automotive manufacturing in the United States but with the decline of the auto industry large parts of the city have been abandoned and fallen into disrepair. This photo expose by Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre show some of the decay of this once great city. I found it interesting all…


Last nights cold snap drove the kids to come into our bed. I woke up this morning to find this pair snuggling next to me.

Morning Coffee

The nice thing about working from home, the wife gets up before you and has the coffee ready when you get up.