Daily Reads

Editors Note: This page was first created in 2002 and contains a “blogroll” of sites I used to read everyday through my rss feed reader. Some (probably most) of the links here are outdated and won’t work but I figured I’d keep the page as it was for posterity. I’ll create a new blogroll soon enough.

I try to read a lot of different weblogs every day. Here is a list of the blogs and their RSS feeds taken directly from my OPML file. If you have a site you’d like to recommend to me (even your own) please, feel free to drop me a line.

Scripting News RSS
Adam Curry: Adam Curry’s Weblog RSS
Dan Gillmor’s eJournal RSS
Boing Boing RSS
Jeremy Zawodny’s blog RSS
The Adventures of Accordion Guy in the 21st Century :: Joey deVilla’s Weblog RSS
Photo Matt RSS
Doc Searls Weblog RSS
A Whole Lotta Nothing RSS
BryanBell.com RSS
Generic | Synthetic RSS
101-365 RSS
Nick Bradbury RSS
Scobleizer: Microsoft Geek Blogger RSS
Geek News Central RSS
A Work In Progress RSS
Davezilla.com RSS
Fishbucket RSS
Backup Brain RSS
molly.com RSS
Dave Shea’s mezzoblue RSS
Mighty Girl Blog RSS
Asterisk RSS
code: theWebSocket; RSS
th3ph17’s brainfood RSS
Adam Curry: Daily Source Code RSS
secrets News RSS
Brandon Fuller RSS
inessential.com RSS
Sheila News RSS
Northwest Noise RSS
SeattleBlogger RSS
PressThink RSS


Hugo Schotman RSS
Marc’s Voice RSS
Kevin Sites Blog RSS
Troutgirl RSS
Aaron Swartz RSS
Daring Fireball RSS
Alton Brown RSS
die puny humans RSS
Read & Burn RSS
Workbench RSS
Binary By Accident RSS
Cox Crow RSS
craigblog RSS
Fury.com RSS
geeky.chick.blog RSS
GlennLog RSS
Gnome-Girl RSS
Hack the Planet RSS
Jeffrey Zeldman RSS
Joel on Software RSS
John Robb’s Weblog RSS
Kalsey Consulting Group RSS
Jason Kottke RSS
MetaGrrrl RSS
Modern Luddites RSS
More Like This WebLog RSS
Philip Greenspun Weblog RSS
Simon Willison’s Weblog RSS
Halley’s Comment RSS
Jay Allen RSS
Textism RSS
Ray Ozzie’s Weblog RSS
Megnut RSS
Meryl’s Notes RSS
raelity bytes RSS
Sam Ruby RSS
The Brad Hole RSS
The Aardvark Speaks RSS
Phil Ringnalda RSS
Eric Meyer RSS
evhead RSS
The FuzzyBlog! RSS
a preponderance of evidence blogs RSS
CamWorld RSS
Ernie The Attorney RSS
“Darren Barefoot RSS
Anil Dash RSS
SimpleBits RSS
Ed Cone RSS
Jeff Barr’s Blog RSS
John Battelle’s Searchblog RSS
Micro Persuasion RSS
Future Now RSS
Paul Boutin RSS
Binary Bonsai RSS


Business Opportunities Weblog RSS
Fast Company RSS
The Monster Blog RSS

Photo Feeds

daily dose of imagery RSS
th3ph17’s Photos RSS
danec’s Photos RSS

Filters & Wikis

Slashdot RSS
metafilter.com RSS

Blogs About Blogging

Learning Movable Type RSS
Mena’s Corner RSS
Six Log RSS
Movalog RSS
Movable Type News RSS
Girlie’s Tips and Tricks RSS
BloggerCon News RSS

RSS and Aggregator Blogs

Syndic8.com New Feeds RSS
Ranchero Software RSS
Lockergnome’s RSS Resource RSS


CSS Vault – Gallery RSS
Web Design from Scratch RSS
Boxes and Arrows RSS
Stopdesign RSS
Reluct.com RSS
Design Observer RSS
A List Apart RSS
Lockergnome Web Developer RSS


Woot! RSS
MobileWhack RSS
Neat New Stuff RSS
Techbargains.com RSS
PC Magazine: New Product Reviews RSS
Gizmodo RSS


Howling At A Waning Moon RSS


Google Weblog RSS


NewsForge RSS
Linux Journal RSS
Linux Today RSS
DesktopLinux.com RSS


Apple Press Releases RSS
MacMerc RSS
MacMinute RSS
New Mac OS X Products RSS
Lockergnome OS X Fanatics RSS
VersionTracker: Mac OS X RSS
MacCentral RSS
MacMegasite RSS
Apple Hot News RSS
macosxhints RSS
Mac OS X Downloads RSS
Mac OS X Downloads RSS
eWEEK Macintosh RSS
MacRumors RSS
The Mac Observer RSS
MacSlash RSS

News Sites

Forbes.com News RSS
Reuters: Top News RSS
Reuters: Entertainment RSS
Reuters: Technology RSS
Reuters: Life & Leisure RSS
Scientific American RSS
Yahoo! News – Oddly Enough RSS
Yahoo! News – Top Stories RSS
The New York Times > Science RSS
The New York Times > Home Page RSS

Tech News

Ars Technica RSS
Wired News RSS
WebReference News RSS
Digital Web Magazine RSS
InfoWorld: Top News RSS
CNET News.com RSS
eWEEK Technology News RSS
Wi-Fi Networking News RSS
IT Conversations (with enclosures) RSS


U.S. Department of Education RSS
Ask Yahoo! RSS
Ask MetaFilter RSS


Microsoft Security Bulletins RSS
Windows File Of The Day RSS
The Channel 9 Team RSS


PhotographyBLOG RSS
Digital Photography Review RSS


Badgett’s Coffee eJournal RSS


Folklore.org: Stories about the Original Macintosh RSS
mozillaZine RSS
USGS M>2.5 Earthquake RSS


RollingStone.com Music News RSS
RollingStone.com CD Reviews RSS
iTunes Top 10 Songs RSS
iTunes Top 10 Albums RSS
iTunes 10 New Releases RSS
iTunes 10 Featured & Exclusive Albums RSS
iTunes 10 Just Added Albums RSS


spacetoday.net RSS
Stone Pages Archaeo News RSS
Nature Science Update RSS

Uncategorized Yet

Thinking Chaos, Thinking Fences RSS
Feedster RSS Feed for MP3 / AAC Audio Files Enclosures RSS
43 Folders RSS
Napsterization RSS
SiliconBeat RSS
afish RSS
Steve Gillmor’s Inforouter RSS
Julie Leung: Seedlings & Sprouts RSS
Niall Kennedy’s Weblog RSS
Brendon Wilson: Profile RSS
The Shout RSS
Ross Mayfield’s Weblog RSS

Mac Geekery

codepoet’s blog RSS
JC’s blog RSS
unixgeek’s blog RSS
Twarge’s blog RSS
nikhilm’s blog RSS
zanshin’s blog RSS
Matt Schinckel’s blog RSS

O’reilly Blogs

O’Reilly Weblogs RSS
Java Programming on the Mac RSS
Developing for Mac OS X RSS
Programming With Cocoa RSS