Don’t Call It Milk Call It…

This is awesome. “The question was raised on FOX affiliate WNYW’s news program: If you can’t call stuff like soy milk, rice milk, almond milk and so on “milk”, what should you call it? Anchor Greg Kelly didn’t think that “soy juice” sounded right, so his co-anchor Rosanna Scotto came up with a better suggestion:”…

Michigan Man Arrested for Sex with Car Was Vacuum

A Michigan man was arrested for receiving “sexual favors” from a car wash vacuum. The Modesto Bee | Police arrest Mich. man for car wash vacuum sex: “The Saginaw News reports the 29-year-old Swan Creek Township man was arrested Thursday in Saginaw County’s Thomas Township, about 90 miles northwest of Detroit. Police Sgt. Gary Breidinger…

World of World of Warcraft

Here’s something damn funny from The Onion, “World of World of Warcraft”. You have to ability to play a player playing the World of Warcraft. ‘Warcraft’ Sequel Lets Gamers Play A Character Playing ‘Warcraft’

It’s Becoming An Addiction

Watch episode 2 of God, Inc. This is great stuff. Love it. In this episode…oh well, I won’t spoil it for you. Wear headphones when you watch it. It’ll make everyone else wonder why you’re laughing so hard you’re crying.

Go Camping With Veer

Veer has a great way of advertising their photos, by making them part of an awesome game. Go camping with Veer. (Mouse over the guy up the tree then hit spacebar. Make sure you avoid the squirrels while catching food. Oh! The bear is not friendly either.)

Tim Allen on Martha Stuart

Patent Pending Blog: ” Tim Allen had this to say about Martha Stewart: Boy, I feel safer now that she’s behind bars. O.J. & Kobe are walking around; Osama BinLaden, too, but they take the one woman in America willing to cook and clean and work in the yard and haul her ass to jail.’”

The Corporate Office Party: A Christmas Story

Ahh Christmas time and time for that traditional office party. Time for us to put on our fake smiles and our false pleasantries to gather en masse with our fellow coworkers for some hard earned schmoozing and political ass kissing. Let’s take a scientific look at common Christmas Party dwellers, shall we? The Smilers Easy…