Participating in Leave GoDaddy Day? Park your domains here

If you’ve got a domain name hosted with today is Leave GoDaddy Day, your day to make a statement about GoDaddy’s seedy business practices and move your domain name. You can move your domain names to Never Boring. We’re an official OpenSRS-Tucows reseller. Here are some reasons to make the switch: Tucows (aka OpenSRS)…

My Tweets for 2011-01-15

Ready for a short but fun Friday. — at Never Boring Design Associates # Been looking forward to this all week. Rotten Rons is seriously the best burger in Modesto. — at Rotten Rons #

My Tweets for 2011-01-14

It's almost Friday! — at Never Boring Design Associates # Getting dinner before having a family movie night. — at Qdoba #

My Tweets for 2011-01-13

@rblackphoto What'd I miss? What'd I miss? Did Edie go mad dog on someone? # @edie_howe @rblackphoto Link? Send a DM to @thomashawk. He enjoys going after these people. #