I took a time out and went outside to enjoy California Spummer. I took photos as proof!

I’m OK with That

I’m more of a morning person anymore. I love getting up early to watch the sun rise and drinking my first cup of coffee. Unfortunately that means I miss almost everything on television after 10 pm.

Buying for Baby

This weekend we picked up a stroller with an infant car seat for the new baby and a new mattress for the crib that my oldest son had been sleeping in. He has a new “big boy” bed. Picking a quality stroller/infant car seat combo was the hardest part though. Most of the reviews are…

Cleaning House a Bit

I’m working on clearing all the RSS feeds in NetNewsWire. When you have over 14,000 unread items it makes NNW a bit doggy.

Ceres Teachers and District Continue Faceoff

In local news… : The Ceres Unified School District is on the offensive in negotiations with its teachers’ union after months of stalled bargaining and a slate of educator grievances against new policies. The district this month filed two unfair practice charges with the state’s Public Employment Relations Board, which administers collective bargaining laws….

Body Found In Shallow Grave

KCRA: “A body has been found in the Stanislaus National Forest, according to Modesto police officials. According to Modesto Police Department news release, detectives received information that led them to a shallow grave in the forest west of the town of Strawberry. Detectives located the grave on Thursday evening about 100 yards from Highway 108,…

More West Nile Cases, Spraying Expands

Modesto Bee: “Four more Stanislaus County residents have been diagnosed with West Nile virus, including a 41-year-old man in critical condition in a Bay Area hospital, public health officials said Tuesday. Also, the East Side Mosquito Abatement District, which covers the northern part of the county, announced an expansion of the Modesto territory where trucks…

Debt Collectors Run Wild

Modbee: “Embarrassing calls at work. Threats of jail and even violence. Improper withdrawals from bank accounts. An increasing number of consumers are complaining of abusive techniques from some companies that are part of a new breed of debt collectors. They are debt buyers, outfits that acquire unpaid bills from credit card firms and other credit…

Knife May Be Laci Peterson Murder Weapon

ModBee: “Modesto police ordered forensic analysis of a 10-inch knife reportedly found in the back yard of the home where Scott Peterson likely killed his pregnant wife. Police questioned whether the knife recently had been planted in a dirty cabinet, only days after a tabloid magazine published rumors that Laci Peterson’s throat was slit. Gerry…

Gallo Live Cam

Gallo Wine is one of the largest employers in Stanislaus County. In fact, it used to be said you were one of 3 things if you lived here. 1) A farmer, 2) a cannery worker, or 3) a Gallo employee. It’s true, in this town you know someone who works for Gallo. A few years…