A Return

I had a great post written about how I started blogging and how I was returning to blogging. It told all about how Dane Carlson got me into blogging and then how life did what life does and I didn't have time to blog much anymore but now I do so I'm back. Trust me, it was a cool post. But it got deleted.

I got a notice Ghost, which is running this blog for the time being, needed to do an update so I did the update. And...it borked my whole install. I guess that's the risk you run with software that isn't mature. Sometimes you win, sometimes you don't.

I will say that if you're intent on running Ghost for a blog and you're planning on using Digital Ocean, don't do the one click install. They use an outdated version of Ghost on an outdated version of Node. You're better off just starting a 16.04 Ubuntu droplet (cos Ghost isn't set for 17.04 yet) and installing NGINX, Node, MySQL and Ghost-CLI and letting Ghost-CLI do the install for you. It's much easier and less painful and you get the latest and greatest of everything.

Anyway, back to blogging.