Testing Blogsy

Just picked up up this really cool looking app for the iPad that looks like it has a lot of potential, Blogsy

Blogsy let’s you post to a Blogger or WordPress blog. It’s directly connected to your Flickr, Picasa, And YouTube accounts so adding media is as simple as dragging from the right side toolbar and dropping on your screen.

Katie clowning around.

Like this picture I just placed from Flickr of Katie clowning around.

Generally all editing and writing of posts is done in HTML with a rich text view for adding photo and videos. There are also formatting buttons at the top of the page for frequently used formatting commands.

Currently you can’t upload photos or video directly or to any of the services but this are features promised in the upcoming releases of Blogsy. Blogsy sells for $2.99 and is available on the iTunes store for the iPad only.

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