First in a While

Over the last few days we’ve had the highest temperatures we’ve had all year. Couple that with a late almond harvest due to our unusually cool winter and you’ve got the “perfect storm” for the world’s crappiest air.

Unfortunately I don’t think my current state of crapiness can be blamed on the air. I think I have a cold.

So what’s so special about getting a cold? Lots of people get colds all the time. This one is special because I have been lucky enough to dodge the bullet for 2 years.

That’s 2 years, at work, in the office, surrounded by people who don’t know better than to stay home when they’re sick. At home, surrounded by the wife and kids who bring the “illness du jour” home to share with the whole family. I’ve managed not to get sick with kids coughing in my face, wife breathing in my face while she’s sick, accidentally drinking from a cup the sick kid has, snuggling with the sick kids; all things you would expect to render you helpless to their germs and a sure thing to get sick.

So how did I do it? Well about 2 1/2 years ago Dane turned me on to Vitamin D. Yes, the same Vitamin D you get in fortified milk. Research is just now being done into Vitamin D and so far it appears to strengthen your immune system. That’s why if you look at your grocery store shelves you’ll notice everything now days is “Vitamin D Fortified” or “Now with Vitamin D”.

Unfortunately I stopped taking my normal regimen of 4000iu’s of Vitamin D everyday when I started working from home since I was able to spend 1-2 hours daily out in the sunshine where your skin naturally produces Vitamin D. This kept me safe until this month when the kids and wife went back to school and a busy work load has kept me inside, away from the sun.

Now I’m sick.

If you’re curious about Vitamin D you can find more information at As for me, well I’m drinking lots of fluids and getting lots of rest.

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