My Tweets for 2010-08-12

  • I feel like I've let Steve Jobs down. I've only used 6 Apple products this morning. I know, I'm a slacker. #
  • One year until I'm 40. Is it too early to start planning my midlife crisis? #
  • Hoping the clients check comes in the mail today. Neighbors are almost out of cat and after a while it doesn't taste like chicken anymore. #
  • I didn't need Twitter to tell me who to follow. The voices in my head did that! Don't look behind you. That's not me. #
  • What I wouldn't give to have a good ole transporter. #makeitso (via @baddladd) #
  • It's getting there. Not sure where there is though. My assisted gps stopped working when I held my phone wrong and lost AT&T signal. #
  • I should do more political designs. I do pretty good when not intending to. #
  • Boy a new shiny iMac is sure appealing. #
  • There! Done with resizing the last of the old thumbnails and now onto making new ones. #
  • @cherryblossom Wait! Don't explode yet! Let me get a video camera set up. We'll get a million views on Youtube! in reply to cherryblossom #

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