The New Greeks – allows you to style your greeking to your pleasure and then gives you the css to put it on your site.

Lets say you’re working on a web project and you only have a certain number of pixels wide for some text. Maybe you’re tired of the traditional greeking and want to do something different to show your designer flair. My friend have I got the site for you, does what similar sites do by allowing you to pick the number of paragraphs that you want but it does so much more. See what your font would actually look like in pixels, change the greeking to Kafka, Panagram (the quick brown fox), a-z A-Z 1-9 (great for picking font families and faces), or even use an excerpt from the play Cicero in original or english.

Open up the advanced options and you can even choose from a palette of regular fonts found on the web, change the font weight, style, line height, font size and then, when you’re all done, grab the css for it right there on the page.

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