Make Your Own Theme for iGoogle

So if you’re like me you probably use iGoogle as your home page but did you know you can customize the header (image behind the words google) with your own pictures or graphics? Here’s a cool tutorial from the gang at Google on how to make your own. Not really that hard at all.

Google Developer’s Guide: “A theme is custom design for the iGoogle page. You define a theme in an XML file that contains key-value pairs for iGoogle page attributes, such as background and text color. A theme can be as simple as a color setting for the header background and iGoogle logo, or it can include multiple images and dynamic behavior.

A theme has one or more skins. A skin is a particular design for the iGoogle page. For example, you could have a theme that displays different skins depending on the time of day.

Each skin is represented in a themes specification by a different ConfigMap (configuration map). A theme is essentially a collection of configuration maps. “