The Leopards Meow

So I’ve now got OSX Leopard Running on my 15″ PowerBook G4 and it seems to be doing OK. I haven’t really noticed much of a slowdown in performance. In fact, somethings have gotten faster.

I did have to disable one application. GROWL doesn’t seem to work under Leopard. Spotlight has finally come of age so Quicksilver is shut down for the moment while I get used to Spotlight.

There was a hit to video performance. The new Core Video is pretty processor intensive but the Powermac’s vid card seems to be taking it in stride albeit slightly slower for some operations.

Things I like: Spaces (linux users will recognize this instantly), the new look of folders and the way they show file structure in the left sidebar, Alex (the new Voice of OS X).

Things I don’t like: the Dock (2d icons on a 3d bar – looks weird), the menu bar at the top (get rid of transparent – we’re used to it being solid), still limited support for interaction with windows machines via cifs (you can try to login but when you click “connect as” you get nothing instead of an authentication screen).