Make Your Site Look Beautiful on an iPhone and iPod Touch

Photo: Sam from shows off her website on her iPod Touch thanks to the iWPhone WordPress plugin. Photo by Purplelime.

Thanks to Sam over at I found a really cool plugin for WordPress from ContentRobot that reformats you weblog for the iPhone and iPod Touch. While the iPhone and iPod touch do an amazing job of displaying web pages the way they were designed to be seen, often visitors want quick access to your website’s content. The “iWPhone WordPress Plugin and Theme” displays an optimized version of your blog’s content, formatted perfectly to fit the iPhone/iPod touch’s screen – no zooming in to read the content is necessary.

Feature List

  • Formats your blog content for optimized viewing on the iPhone and iPod touch.
  • Automatically detects the iPhone/iPod touch’s Safari browser and only displays the custom theme to iPhone and iPod touch visitors, other visitors get your standard theme.
  • Simple iPhone/iPod-like theme with common interface elements that compliments the iPhone/iPod touch’s internal applications.
  • Images larger then 300 pixels wide are automatically scaled down to fit the iPhone/iPod touch optimized width.