Drink Your Beer and Be Happy

Blizzard released another patch this morning for the popular MMORPG World of Warcraft just a week after patch 2.2.0 which added a ton of new features including Voice Chat. This latest patch adds new content for an Octoberfest style “brewfest”, Halloween-esque items and quests and a host of new graveyards.

For the uninitiated graveyards are where your spirit goes when you’re killed in the game (this can be frequently). Once you’ve been killed you must run your spirit back to your body to resume playing or take serious penalties and resurrect at the graveyard. Distances in the game are set to mimic real life distances and running from the graveyard to your body can take several minutes (10 minutes is the longest run I’ve ever had). More graveyards should help speed up game play (and satisfy the whiners who don’t like to run).