Nikon Tops With DSLR Users

J.D Power and Associates has released a new customer satisfaction survey of digital SLR users with some surprising results. Nikon not only captured the top spot with a whopping 822 out of a possible 1000 points but was seconded by Sony, a relatively new arrival in the DSLR market.

Nikon tops SLR customer satisfaction survey | Underexposed – CNET “‘It dominates in digital SLRs,’ Steve Kirkeby, executive director of telecomunciations and technology, said in an interview.

Sony scored 793. At 788, third place went to Canon–the top seller of digital cameras in general and of SLRs specifically–followed closely by Pentax at 787 and Olympus at 783. The survey didn’t rank Panasonic, another new entrant, or Samsung, which today sells Pentax SLRs under its own brand.

SLR cameras, expensive but high-performance models, are at the center of a fiercely competitive and increasingly crowded marketplace. Canon is the top seller worldwide, with Nikon in second place.

The scale is weighted to favor the factors customers find more important, so image quality has a bigger influence on overall score than camera style, for example. And customer satisfaction has an import influence over future purchases: 36 percent of camera buyers ask for others’ recommendations, so happy camera users are good advertising.

‘Satisfaction leads to intention to recommend,’ Kirkeby said. ‘Intention to recommend–word of mouth–is something sought by camera buyers.'”