Microsoft Offering Immunity for Linux Users. As Soon as They Figure Out What’s Being Infringed

So it looks like Linspire, provider of bargain basement PC operating systems, and Microsoft, provider of…a home for malware and viruses (how nice of them), have teamed up and inked a deal similar to the one Microsoft and Novell signed. Strange thing is, Microsoft is again offering Linspire users the “guarantee” they can’t be sued over infringing copyrighted materials in Linux. Material that Microsoft has yet to prove exists. “In addition, Linspire will provide its customers with the option of acquiring a “patent covenant” from Microsoft to protect them from action by the software giant to enforce its claimed ownership of key elements of the Linux operating system.

“The patent covenants provide customers with confidence that the Linspire technologies they use come with rights to relevant Microsoft patents,” Microsoft stated.”

If Microsoft has material that infringes on their copyrights they need to come forward to the community as a whole. Otherwise this appears to be some sleazy scare tactic to fear companies who might be converting from Microsoft products to Linux. I don’t know about you but I find Linux servers MUCH easier to maintain and a hell of a lot more secure.