En Masse Bigfoot Sightings Spur Investigation

A rash of recent big foot sightings in rural India is prompting authorities to investigate. What makes these sightings different is almost all have been within the last month.

Discovery Channel: “The bizarre sightings have been made in the Garo hills area of Meghalaya state, close to the borders with Bangladesh and Bhutan, with villagers calling the mysterious creatures ‘Mande Burung’ or Jungle Man.

‘A team of wildlife officials and other experts will conduct a study to find out if there is any truth in the locals’ claims about these hairy giants,’ said Samphat Kumar, a district magistrate in the West Garo Hills district.

The creatures have apparently been talked about and occasionally spotted for years, but sightings have increased in the past month, prompting authorities to look into the matter.

One local farmer, 40-year-old Wallen Sangma, said he had seen an entire family of the creatures.

‘The sight was frightening: two adults and two smaller ones, huge and bulky, furry,’ he told a reporter who visited the remote area on Thursday and Friday.

‘Their heads looked as if they were wearing caps, and their colour was blackish-brown,’ he said, adding the four ‘monsters’ were about 100 to 130 feet away from him as he looked for firewood in a forested area.

‘The four of them quietly vanished into the undergrowth,’ he said of the recent sighting.”