Castro Proposes Energy Savings Over U.S. Biofuel Dependancy

Here’s something interesting from the web. Cuban President Fidel Castro has published some articles in Granma, the Cuban daily newspaper, pointing out what should be apparent to every American, trading our dependency on foreign oil for a dependency on biofuels will only hurt us in the end.

Caribbean Net News: “Castro and his Venezuelan counterpart Hugo Chavez have opposed US President George W. Bush’s efforts to boost ethanol production, arguing that two-thirds of the world population would starve if corn, sugar and edible seeds are used to produce fuel instead of food. Venezuela is the word’s sixth largest exporter of crude oil.

Rather than swap fossil-fuels for biofuels, Castro suggested that governments replace incandescent light bulbs with florescent bulbs in businesses and private homes, as has been done in wide-scale electricity savings programs in Cuba and Venezuela. The shift could save hundred of billions of dollars a year worldwide, Castro wrote. “

If you think about it, biofuels are going to be developed by petroleum companies who have the most to gain and the most to lose. When we’re all dependent on biofuels are we going to be paying $12-15 at the pump because it “costs more to grow the corn”? Just something to think about.